My Weigh


- 32kg x 1kg / 75lbs x 1lb

Kg, lb

Great for Fishing, Luggage and Utility weighing

The My Weigh MHS Scales are manual hanging scales designed to be extra tough and durable. The MHS has an extra thick metal handle and strong weighing hook. Perfect for weighing boxes, luggage or for use as a fishing scale.

The MHS has a built in 1-meter (30 inch) tape measure so you can check the size of the item you’re weighing (for checking the dimensions of a bag, box or the length of a fish). We personally use one of these to check our carry-on luggage before traveling (and sometimes our main luggage). Airports are getting incredibly strict on luggage weight and dimensions. If you are just 1lb overweight you could be charged $100! The MHS Scale is really an invaluable tool for the modern traveler.

• Reads in both Pounds & Kilograms

• Built In 1-Meter Tape Measure 

• Durable design, water & drop resistant

• Thick Metal weighing hook and handle

$3.10 $12.70
Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 32kg x 1kg / 75lbs x 1lb
Readability 1kg / 1 lb
Units Kilograms / Pounds
Calibration YES
Power Source CR-2032
Weighing Platform Size 4.25" x 2.7"
Scale Size 0
Display White display
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty