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- 25kg x 0.02kg / 55lb x 0.1lb

Pounds, Kilograms

Classic Well-Proven baby scale that converts into an office/shipping scale when baby grows up!

Now with updated extra large platform!!!

The MBSC Ultra is designed to be the ultimate scale for home, office or small business. Whether you’re weighing newborns, toddlers, pets, foods, postcards, letters, parcels, envelopes, mailing tubes, padded packs, small boxes, medium boxes or even large boxes, this scale has been designed to suit your needs perfectly.

The MBSC Ultra is a low profile design that offers maximum safety and it’s hold function stores or locks the weight of a baby, so it can easily be read even if the baby is moving around or removed from the scale. The large LCD offers a detachable faceplate with 2 ft. cord, perfect for mounting in your nursery or office.

The MBSC Ultra dual range design allows accurate reading of small letters in 0.1oz increments, while larger packages are read in 0.5oz increments. You no longer need one scale for letters and another for boxes. This is an asset for any home or office.

Now with updated extra large platform!!!

• Hold function: stores the weight of an infant or item on the display after it has been removed

• Display can be remote mounted

• Programmable Auto Off Feature

• Baby Basket, Regular Tray, Letter holder, Mail Tube Holder and base extension all included

Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 25kg x 0.02kg / 55lb x 0.1lb
Readability 0.02kg / 0.1lb
Units Pounds , Kilograms
Calibration YES
Power Source Rechargeable batteries - Adapter optional
Weighing Platform Size 4.25" x 2.7"
Scale Size 0
Display LCD
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty