My Weigh

CTS 6000

- 6000g x 0.1g

g, kg, lb, oz + PCS

Fully featured Professional Parts Counting Scale with built-in rechargeable battery!

The CTS 3000 and 6000 Precision Counting Digital Scales are part of the CTS series offered by My Weigh. It uses precision sensors and the latest microchip technology, specially designed and manufactured for accurate weighing and counting functions. The CTS 3000/6000 are high quality scales suitable for a wide range of applications.

• Dual “Easy-to-Read” Green-Backlit display (front & back) 

• RS-232 Port for computer connectivity

• Hold, Tare, Counting functions

• Single Point Load Cell Systems



1) Press and hold >0< while turning the scale ON. "CAL" will be displayed , press >0< again to display "0".

2)Input the value (unit:kg) of the weight that is going to be placed on the platform (using the numeric keys) and then put that amount of weight on the platform. (2/3 of full capacity is recommended;unit kg)

 Note: External Calibration will not work when the error is outside the range of +10% of Max. Capacity.

$203.76 $339.60
Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 6000g x 0.1g
Readability (0.1g)
Units Grams, Kilograms, Pounds, Ounces
Calibration YES
Power Source Adapter- Rechargeable Batteries
Weighing Platform Size 10.5'' x 8''
Scale Size 12.5'' x 12'' x 3''
Display Backlit LCD
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty