JT2 350

- 350g x 0.01g

g, oz, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, ozt, dwtX

Improved Low Profile Design

The J-Scale JT-2 is a fantastic scale, packed with useful features. The JT-2 can be used as a jewellery scale, or for postal weighing, and dietary weighing, and it is perfect for school science or technology classes as it is accurate, and thanks to the snap on cover, it is stackable for easy storage. 

Red Extra Large Backlit Display

Sleek New Low Profile Design

Stainless Steel Weighing Tray

Extra Bowl Included

350g x 0.01g



Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 350g x 0.01g
Readability One hundredth (0.01g)
Units Grams, Pennyweight, Carats, Troy Ounces, 1/8 Ounces, 1/4 Ounces
Calibration YES
Power Source AA batteries included
Weighing Platform Size 4.5'' round
Scale Size 1.5'' x 7.5'' x 5.5''
Display Red Extra Large Backlit Display
Warranty 20 year Warranty Jennings