My Weigh


- 12kg x 1g

g, kg, oz, lb

A Heavy-Duty Water-Resistant Scale for professionals & customers who demand the best.

The My Weigh WR-12K Waterproof Scale is heavy-duty & durable all in one! Let’s start with the rugged, professional design: with a P66 Waterproof designed body, this scale was carefully formed to help withstand almost any water situation – yes, this scale is tough! The Stainless-Steel platform measures 8.5″ x 7″, so you have a good amount of space to weigh your items as well as an easy platform to clean when the job gets dirty. With four weighing modes (Kilograms, Grams, Pounds & Ounces), an easy-to-read numerical display, adjustable Leveling-Feet, Level-Bubble (to help target even weighing surface), dual-sided display (excellent for showing weighing results to an audience), a charging indicator with built-in rechargeable battery & included AC-Adaptor that lets you know the scale can be used in ‘battery-mode’ (excellent for travel), this scale was built with durability in mind.

One of the best features that the WR-12K offers is the innovative ‘Touch-Key’ feature: this allows the user to easily place their finger on a button without having to press it. This feature is amazing & helps the longevity of your scale as well since you won’t have to worry about buttons breaking. If you’re looking for a tough scale with the ability to last, definitely add this scale to your list.

• Dual Bright LED Displays (front & rear)

• Electrostatic Touch Keypad

• Water & Splash Down Resistant

• Adjustable Feet & Leveling Bubble

Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 12kg x 1g
Readability (1g)
Units Grams, Kilograms, Ounces, Pounds
Calibration YES
Power Source Adapter Included - Rechargeable batteries
Weighing Platform Size 4.25" x 2.7"
Scale Size 0
Display Red Backlit LCD
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty