JT2 1000


Improved low profile design. New low profile design. A great mid-range scale that can handle a little of everything with excellent precision. • Red Extra Large Backlit Display • Sleek New low profile design • Stainless Steel Tray • Extra Bowl Included

JT2 350


Improved Low Profile Design The J-Scale JT-2 is a fantastic scale, packed with useful features. The JT-2 can be used as a jewellery scale, or for postal weighing, and dietary weighing, and it is perfect for school science or technology classes as it is accurate, and thanks to the snap...

JT2 5000


Improved low profile design. The J-Scale JT-2 is the redefined version of our old Jennings CJ Scale. The best feature of this new JT-2 scale is that it comes in a 350g double digit version for the ultimate accuracy. The JT-2 also features a bigger stainless steel tray with lip...



Brilliant Simplified Digital Pocket Scale. The ProScale Simplex 300 / 500 Digital Scale has a weight capacity of 300 / 500 grams and is precise up to 0.01 / 0.1 grams. This simplified digital pocket scale comes with a stainless steel weighing tray and a large LCD display. This scale...