Hello, Welcome to CanadianWeigh Digital Scales Canada. Before you contact me, allow me to answer three of the most common questions right here:

1: All orders must be shipped. We use a fulfillment center and therefore nothing can be picked up, it all has to be shipped:)

2: Because of VISA, Mastercard & Amex regulations and fraud prevention we are no longer permitted to accept orders or credit card information via telephone or email. Your order must be placed online using our “Mals - E Secure Ordering System. This guarantees your safety and helps to prevent credit cards fraud. We have bent this rule before and it was taken advantage of. Therefore we regrettably can not bend this rule ever again.

3: If you are looking for our email order form to order Scales and Digital Scales by Prepayment CLICK HERE.

If you still need to speak with us, please send us a note using this form with any scale or digital scale question. We will usually respond within a few hours. Sending us an email as scale information and questions are the best answered in writing so we can reference scale manuals and such. Or contact us here for any questions or concerns