My Weigh


- 40kg x 0.01kg / 88lb x 0.01lb

lb, kg

Portable High Capacity scale in “Briefcase” style.

The MyWeigh BCS-40 scale is portable & light industrial-bench "Briefcase Scales". This scale is extra-durable and designed for weight-checking, and all light industrial uses. They also make great shipping-scales. Their rugged, portable design has made them a proven winner in the fields of Geology, Refrigerant, Archeology, and more! The ultra-portable design allows you to bring the scale to the item to be weighed - rather then bringing the item to be weighed to the scale: this is something to heavily consider since some items being weighed can be a hassle to move longer distances! The scale can also be removed from its case and installed as a regular shipping scale with the included AC Adaptor.

• 9” x 9” reinforced Stainless-Steel Platform 

• Excellent for geology, shipping/receiving, spot checking, refrigerant and more

• Extra long cord on detachable, mountable display

• Single Point Load Cell System


When to calibrate - Calibration is almost never required

Advanced users only . If the scale is inaccurate, calibration may be desired when the scale is first set up for use, or is the scale is moved to a different altitude or gravitation. the is Necessary because of the weight of a mass in one location is not necessarily the swme in another location. Also, with time and use, mechanical deviations can occur. However in order to calibrate accurate calibrations weights are required. Do not Attempt Calibration if you do not have a 40kg (BCS40) Calibration mass. The scale will not function if incorrect calibration weights are used.

1)Place the scale on a Flat, very stable surface and turn it on.

2)Press and hold the (TARE) key for 3 seconds until the display shows CAL, then release the key.

3) Press the (TARE) key again, the display will flash CAL and then flash the calibration weight needed (40kg)

4)Gently place the calibration weights on the scale and wait 3 seconds

5)Calibration is complete

If calibration is not incorrect then try the following steps:

-Replace the batteries

-Try a more stable surface or vibration and interference free location.

-Be sure there is no static electricity on the scale (use and anti-static spray to remove static electricity)

Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 40kg x 0.01kg / 88lb x 0.01lb
Readability 0.01kg / 0.01lb
Units Pounds, Kilograms
Calibration YES
Power Source Adapter - AAA Batteries
Weighing Platform Size 9'' x 9''
Scale Size 0
Display Backlit LCD
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty