My Weigh

MX 500H

- 500g x 0.1g

g, oz, dwt, ozt

The MyWeigh MX500 is a classically designed digital scale loaded with features!  The sliding open-ended cover doubles as a scoop or weighing tray.  The crystal clear LCD, four weighing modes, .1 gram resolution, and 500 gram weight capacity guarantees the weight is accurate every time. The MyWeigh MX500H version of this scale is made from hemp fibers to create an eco-plastic that allows it to be light but very strong. MyWeigh's manufacturer warranty protects the life of your scale for 30 years.

• Strong 12 Year Proven Track Record

• Sliding cover acts as an expansion tray

• Classic design, well known model & brand

• Many Customers are Loyal to this Model

Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 500g x 0.1g
Readability (0.1g)
Units Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Penny Weight
Calibration YES
Power Source AAA batteries
Weighing Platform Size 4.25" x 2.7"
Scale Size 0
Display Blue Backlit LCD
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty