My Weigh

MX 500

- 500g x 0.1g

g, oz, dwt, ozt

Popular long-term seller with a sliding open-ended cover designed to also scoop!

The My Weigh MX-500 Digital Scales are the best selling low cost precision pocket scales. These scales have a patented design sliding cover that doubles as an expansion tray and an extra durable load cell. 

The integrated expansion tray of the My Weigh MX-500s are perfect for weighing small birds, loose metals, bone fragments, gems, herbs or ingredients.

• Strong 12 Year Proven Track Record

• Sliding cover acts as an expansion tray

• Classic design, well known model & brand

• Many Customers are Loyal to this Model


Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 500g x 0.1g
Readability (0.1g)
Units Gram, Ounce, Troy Ounces , Penny Weight
Calibration YES
Power Source AAA Batteries
Weighing Platform Size 2.75 square
Scale Size 1'' x 4.75'' x 3.25''
Display Blue Backlit LCD
Warranty 30-year manufacturers warranty