- 500g x 0.1g

g, dwt, gn, ct, PCS

Brilliantly Simplified digital pocket scale.

ProScale's line-up has a new member in the family: the Simplex Series scales: these scales are designed to be very small so you can take them anywhere; can. Weighs in 4 different modes while displaying 2 modes at a time. It will always show grams and you can choose between Pennyweight, Carats or Grains. It's an awesome scale with all the features you would expect from ProScale!

The Simplex Series scales have awesome features that make them an awesome buy & one of the premier pocket scales in the ProScale line-up: a large easy-to-read bright-blue LCD Display, four buttons are conveniently unobtrusive to the platform and Display with Mode, Tare, On/OFF, and PCS.

There are tons of amazing scales on the market with loads of features: what ProScale does here is combines amazing features at a budget price with a twist of flair. Dare to compare the quality - these scales are AWESOME!

• Large LCD display

• Stainless Steel Weighing Tray

• Clear cover doubles as larger tray

Calibration - You will need 500g weight to calibrate this scale

1)Turn the scale ON, and wait for it to show 0.0

2)Press and hold the ( MODE) until "CAL" is displayed. Release the key.

3)Press (MODE) again, now the display reads "CAL" and the required calibration weight will show on the display.

4)Place the required calibration weight on the center of platform. Wait 3-4 seconds. The display will show " PASS", and then return to normal weighing mode.

5)Remove the weight and turn off the scale. Calibration is complete.


Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 500g x 0.1g
Readability (0.1g)
Units Gram, Penny Weight, Grains, Carats
Calibration YES
Power Source AAA batteries
Weighing Platform Size 3'' x 2.5''
Scale Size 0.75'' x 4.75'' x 2.75''
Display Backlit LCD
Warranty 5-Year-Manufacturers Warranty