- 20g x 0.002g

g, ct, gn, dwt, oz, ozt, mg, PCS

The Best Low-Cost Precision Scale in the Market.

The J-Scale JSVG is our favourite pocket precision scale. It has lots of features - more then anything else in it's class. It comes complete with a removable clear wind cover, calibration weight, batteries, large backlit LCD display, parts counting function, programmable auto-off and a beautiful black jewelry box as it's case. 

It is designed for extreme accuracy and durability. This scale is perfect for weighing gemstones, precious metals, and gunpowder. It is also ideal for spot checking and QC.

Hinged removable wind cover

Accuracy reads to 0.01ct

Counting Feature

Comes equipped with a Foam-Encased Jewelry box

Large LCD Display


20g x 0.002g



This unit requires 20g weight to calibrate

1) Place scale on a flat, very stable surface on turn it OFF

2) Press and hold (UNIT) first, then press (ON/OFF), (don't release the unit button until the display shows the random AD value.)

3)Wait 2 seconds, Press ( UNIT). The Display will show " 0SAVE", after 2 seconds , the display will show the calibration weight amount.

4)Place the correct calibration weight on the platform, then press (UNIT), the display will show " 0SAVE" and return to A/D value.

5)Calibration is now complete, Remove the weight and turn the scale off.


Product Features & Specifications
Capacity 20g x 0.002g
Readability Two thousandths (0.002g)
Units Grams, Carats, Grains, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight, and Milligrams
Calibration yes
Power Source 3 AAA Long Lasting Batteries
Weighing Platform Size 1.5″ diameter
Scale Size 2'' x 5'' x 3.5''
Display Backlit LCD Display
Warranty 20 Year Warranty